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This Patrick Mahomes Throw Is So Mesmerizing It Looks Fake

Sorcery, man. That’s the only way to explain what we are seeing here. Pure sorcery. Patrick Mahomes gotta be the biggest must-watch player in the league right now. Easily top 5 no question, but I think he’s the number 1 right now. Any given play can be a home run throw. He can move in and out of the pocket as well as anyone. He can throw a 60 yard dime off his back foot like it’s no big deal. Just absolutely insane how good he is.

This compilation of his 24 best throws will leave you wondering how in the world he is this much better than the rest of the league

He’s already up there with Brady and Rodgers in my opinion. Just an unreal talent and a likable guy to boot. One of those guys that unless your team is playing against him you should have no problem rooting for. How he dropped to 10th in the 2017 draft (and Trubisky was taken #2) will stun us for the next 10 years.