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A Remake Of 'The Princess Bride' Was Proposed And Nobody Is Happy About It

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Variety did an article on famous TV producer Norman Lear ( also producer of the ‘The Princess Bride’) where Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Tony Vinciquerra said the idea of a reboot was floated to him. That became the single piece of information withdrawn from the whole piece, and twitter…did not like it.

I’ve always been of the opinion that bitching about remake/reboot culture is dumb. Worst case scenario you get a shitty product (Ghostbusters) and best case you get something outstanding (Blade Runner 2049). Either way, it’s usually worth waiting to see that finished product before complaining. In this case, however, complain all you want. The Princess’ Bride is a classic that I don’t think should be touched at all. It’s just so tied to a particular cultural moment and cast that I can’t imagine any modern group of hollywood actress being able to improve upon the original work. Maybe Tony Vinciquerra should focus more on working out the Spider-Man MCU situation and less on shit like this.

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