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Pat Spencer Now Has The Chance To Become The First NLL, PLL And NBA Triple Pro Athlete

NCAA LACROSSE: MAY 19 NCAA Lacrosse Championships Quarterfinals - Loyola v Penn State

Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders were both dual-sport pro athletes. An incredible accomplishment and a testament to their athleticism, for sure. But we live in a world where we’re constantly looking for something bigger and better. We always want more. Wherever there’s an iPhone 10, there’s an iPhone 11 right around the corner. So if there can be dual-sport pro athletes, what if we could get a tri-sport pro athlete? Obviously that’s easier said than done considering it would take an absolute specimen of an athlete to accomplish. But former Loyola lacrosse player Pat Spencer is that specimen.

Pat Spencer was the 1st overall pick in the inaugural Premier Lacrosse League Entry Draft. He didn’t play this summer, however, because he transferred to Northwestern to use his 5th year of eligibility to play a season of hoops (slang for basketball). Now it’s only September but from everything we’ve seen from Pat Spencer on the court this summer, it looks like he is going to ball the frig out this year for the Wildcats. If he has a huge year at Northwestern, maybe big-time lax bro and owner of the Brooklyn Nets Joe Tsai will take a chance on him in the NBA Draft. KD, Kyrie and Pat Spencer. What a big 3 that would be. And speaking of a big 3, the third pro league we have the chance of seeing Pat Spencer play in is the NLL after he was drafted 36th overall by the Philadelphia Wings in last night’s draft.

Now the thing here is that I don’t think Pat Spencer has ever played box lacrosse before. But if you think about it, box lacrosse is essentially just a little bit of basketball meets a little bit of hockey meets lacrosse. It uses pretty much all of the same concepts as basketball offensively, so he’ll already be understand how to work the two-man game out there. And then considering he was one of the greatest college lacrosse players of all time, he obviously has all the lacrosse talent he’d need to rack up points. All he’d have to really adjust to is the physicality of the box game, but Pat Spencer is 6’3″ and is playing ball right now at 205 lbs. I’m sure he could throw on a few more el-bees to really be able to throw his body around out there in the NLL. So he’s a big dude, he has unreal talent with a lacrosse stick, and he has all of those basketball concepts that translate over to the box game. Definitely seems like it would be a smooth transition for him to go indoors.

So yeah. All we need to do now is wait for Joe Tsai to draft him to Brooklyn and we will have our first ever tri-sport pro athlete. Might be a little difficult since the NLL and NBA seasons run at the same time, but most NLL games are just on Saturdays. So he can play ball during the week, NLL on Saturdays, and then PLL in the summer. It just always amuses me when the lacrosse haters out there in the world say that the sport is for anyone who wasn’t athletic enough to make their high school baseball team, because the reality of the situation is that lacrosse has developed an athlete who can make Bo Jackson look like a lazy slob who just sits around eating Cheetos and chugging Mountain Dew all day.

P.S. – Oh what’s that? Didn’t mean to include this in here. How embarrassing.