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Wake Up With Mets Legend, Endy Chavez, Making "The Catch"
This may trigger Mets fans? IDK, IDK. Yes, they did end up losing this NLCS to St. Louis, but at least they got this awesome catch out of it, right? Endy Chavez probably will always best be known for this insane, fully extended catch over the wall, bringing back this Scott Rolen shot. I mean Game 7, NCLS, a chance for your team to advance to the World Series and you make that play to prevent a 2-run shot? Legendary stuff. Too bad this will join the club with Rajai Davis, the UNC shot vs Nova, and a few others as the greatest plays that didn't matter. Regardless of that, it's still just a great catch. I mean Chavez is what, 5'6? He absolutely skies to make the play, I always think his arm is gonna snap off when he hits the wall. Hell of a night for a snow cone too. It's pretty obvious that the Mets did go on to lose this game, 3-1, but I won't talk about Carlos Beltran ending the series with a strikeout looking. I just won't.