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This Terrifying Warriors/Giannis Rumor Just Won't Die

2019 NBA All-Star Game

I’ll tell you what, I don’t like this one bit. This isn’t a new take by any means, remember back in February this rumor was floated out there, and then Marc Stein pretty much confirmed it in his newsletter when he said

“Yet it’s likewise undeniably true that Steph and Giannis are buddies who are both represented by the same agency (Octagon) and share a mutual admiration that has resulted in Curry and Antetokounmpo selecting each other first overall with the No. 1 overall picks as captains in the first two All-Star drafts.

I can promise you, furthermore, that the Warriors have internally mused about a run at Giannis — however futile it may prove to be — in the event they can’t convince Kevin Durant to re-sign this summer. Trying to sign the most attractive free agent available is on the first page of the Golden State owner Joe Lacob’s playbook.”

So while Ramona Shelburne isn’t exactly reporting anything new, with news that MIL is prepared to offer the supermax and there are people who are connected in the league still talking about a possible disaster scenario where Giannis joins up with Klay/Draymond/Steph (I still think they move DLo at some point), that would certainly make me slightly uncomfortable as a Bucks fan. He’d undoubtably leave a shit ton of money on the table if he actually went through something like this, and I do think the public perception of Kevin Durant leaving his small market contending team to join the big bad Warriors could potentially play a role in what Giannis does. Right now he is one of if not the most beloved players in the NBA, I don’t think he wants to mess with that just so he can form a super team in GS. He’s a true alpha, and as we just saw with Durant, no matter what happens in GS it will always be Steph Curry’s team. Plus, the path to multiple Finals isn’t exactly as hard in the East as it is going to be in the West during the summer of 2021, so there’s that to factor in as well.


If I had to put a percentage on this actually happening, I’d probably go with like 2%. Between how much Giannis openly talks about loving MIL and how he doesn’t feel he needs a super team to win combined with that whole $247M thing, I don’t think Bucks fans and really basketball fans everywhere that just want to see this dynasty end already, have anything to worry about. But the fact that you can’t completely rule it out until Giannis puts pen to paper, and the Warriors front office is famous for doing weird salary cap shit in order to build these super teams, I will say the whole thing makes me want to vomit.