Our Boy Lew Dunlap Won Rockies Fantasy Camp MVP In Easiest Vote Of All Time

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Annnnnnd immediately died from drinking too much Champagne and getting wet outside with a cold breeze in the air. Just kidding but maybe not. Absolute no brainer by the Rockies. I actually think you could go one further. Vote Lew Dunlap into the Hall of Fame. First ever unanimous vote. Because at the end of the day, if you’re 88 year’s old, charging mounds, drinking Cristal, and getting turnt up, then you’ve won in every way imaginable. Good for you Lew, now seriously, go put on a warm sweater or something.





Someone brought up a good point on twitter. Who the fuck even goes to Rockies Fantasy Camp? It’s not like a storied franchise. The Rockies have been around for 20 years. Todd Helton and Dante Bichette, that’s all I got. Clint Barmes and Jeremy Burnitz aren’t walking through that door.