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Jamal Adams Just Unfollowed the Jets and Took Them Off His Bio


You almost have to pity the poor Jets. They lose their latest (in a long line) franchise quarterback who’ll be out indefinitely with a case of cooties. His backup lasts completes 3 passes for 3 yards before he gets knocked out of the game. They get teabagged at home on a rare national TV game for them. And are currently 23-point dogs at New England next Sunday.

But it’s not all bad, right? They’ve got some great young talent. Some building blocks guys who will be part of the return to greatness under Adam Gase’s tutelage, correct? Guys like 6th overall pick Jamal Adams, for instance.

Whoops. Ruh-roh.

Jamal Adams 1

Jamal Adams 2

This is the 2019 equivalent of going into your GM’s office and flipping his desk. The “Damn, It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta” montage of our age.


Adams just cyber parked in Gase’s space and digitally took down the wall of his virtual cubicle the Jets tried to trap him in.

It can’t mean anything else, right? He’s still got space for his Lord on there, but not his dysfunctional employers. This is like when Gase was hired and Adams went off the grid for three full days. The message is loud and clear and is being heard ’round the world. He’s sick of being part of the circus and wants the clown car to let him out once and for all.  First Minkah Fitzpatrick and now Jamal Adams. The AFC East just can’t seem to hang onto young, top rated SEC defensive back talent these days. Unless …