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Tom Hiddleston Caused a Woman To Orgasm In The Crowd During His Broadway Show 'Betrayal'

Daily Mail

A female Broadway audience member was moved to ‘spasms of ecstasy’ and heard making ‘low moans and giggles’ during a performance by Tom Hiddleston. Posting on message board All That Chat, another theater-goer revealed that the well-dressed woman in her 30s’ behavior left them ‘speechless’.

They said that while sitting in Row B at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre the woman, who was sat next to their friend, started moving around and making noises.

Life is so unfair. I think I speak for every normal human male here when I say getting a girl to actually orgasm and cum during sex is next to impossible. The chances we actually satisfy a woman in bed are less than hitting a 5 team parlay in college football on Saturday.

Now here we have Tom Hiddleston a wildly successful, handsome man who stars as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Guy has the world by the balls. Recently he’s been starring in the broadway show ‘Betrayal’ and apparently is so incredible that he’s moving women to orgasm in the crowd just based on his performance. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

‘I could hear and my companion could feel a rhythmic banging against his armrest, punctuated by occasional low moans and giggles,’ the person said.

They continued: ‘The banging got faster and faster, until finally there was one slightly louder “Ha” and she resumed normal seat position, put her head back and closed her eyes.’

‘We thought this bizarre incident was over, but lo and behold, as Tom Hiddleston got closer to downstage right and was kissing the female character, our row mate assumed the position again and once more started the process up, with another final ‘Ha’ and nap.

Now was this person most certainly on ecstasy and/or cocaine? Yes. Without question, but the facts still remain that Hiddleston acting/singing/kissing on stage caused this woman to orgasm in front of hundreds of people. Reading this story is just depressing. I’ll never be able to please a woman with my penis as well as this fucking guy can do reading some lines and acting on stage.