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GET OFF THE TRACKS!!! Hockey Goalie Gets Absolutely Bundled, Player Gets A 25-Game Suspension For Playing Hockey

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 10.23.59 AM

I probably don’t need to tell you guys this since you obviously already watched the game, but the Yorkton Terries played against the Melville Millionaires in a little Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League action over the weekend. During that game, Melville Millionaires goalie Berk Berkeliev (incredible name) decided to come out of his crease to play a puck near the blue line. Big mistake because charging down the ice was Greg Mulhall of the Terriers and that’s when the yard sale was officially open for business.

Holy shit buddy got bundled straight to Alberta. Now the goalie ended up going to the hospital after the hit which obviously sucks, but what sucks even worse is the suspension that came from the hit.

TWENTY-FIVE GAMES? For what? I don’t understand what goalies think will happen when they come out of their crease to play the puck. They’re wearing the most amount of padding out of anybody else out there on the ice. You mean to tell me that this guy can snap off a breakout pass from the middle of the zone and you’re still not allowed to touch him? And yeah, I get that this Greg Mulhall character didn’t exactly ease up here or anything. In fact, he did the complete opposite and definitely gave this tendy a little extra “heyhowyadoin”. But still. 25 games is wild. I’d be fine with 5 just because the goalie got hurt.

My favorite part of the video is the fan (probably a dad) standing up in the hat. He knows in his mind that it’s a great play so you see him immediately go for the clap. But then he remembers that we live in a world where they’re trying to take all the physicality out of hockey, and since we live in a Cancel Culture he immediately revokes the clap to make sure he doesn’t end up having to make a formal apology. But just know that I know that you know that’s just hockey.