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Bill Burr, David Spade, And Jim Jefferies Perfectly Sum Up Everything That's Going On With 'Cancel Culture' And The SNL Firing

For those of you who don’t know what’s going on over at SNL, Nate wrote a blog about it last night. Long story short, comedian Shane Gillis was hired, then fired, before he even started over some racist and homophobic remarks he made in his past. Here’s the statement from SNL as to why they released him…

And here’s Shane’s statement via Twitter after the firing.

I could go on for hours about how fucking insane it is that they let him go in the first place and how SNL has gone from a well-respected comedic institution to an unwatchable PC disaster controlled by spineless NBC executives more concerned with satisfying a hyper-sensitive online vocal minority comprised of blue check marks than they are with getting a laugh, but I’m not going to. That’d be a run on sentence.

Instead I’ll say this, Shane Gillis getting fired was a good thing. Not good for him personally, good in the sense that it got people upset. It means we’re headed in the right direction. That cancel culture is in the process of being, for lack of a better word, canceled.

Burr and Jefferies hit the nail on the head with everything they said too. Everyone has said and done stupid things in their past, INCLUDING SNL. Here are the two skits they were talking about.  Sorry about the weird TV in the first one, it’s the only version I could find.

Samurai Hotel: 

Japanese Game Show: 

I’m sure there are tons of other examples as well. Whatever. Hopefully this is one of the final nails in the coffin of cancel culture. Good on Burr and Jefferies for calling it like the they see it. SNL missed out on a good one.