Odell Beckham Very Much Does Not Speak Spanish

What a wild ride these first 8 seconds are for Odell. Such a gauntlet of emotions put on display in such a short period of time. More facial expressions used than any cameo on this season of “Ballers.”


“Wtf is this dude talking about right now? Am I high? Is HE high? I think he’s high.”


“Did I get hit in the head today? What day is today? Oh no, this is one of those concussions Will Smith was yelling about in that movie ‘Hitch.'”


“Metlife Stadium? Am I back on the Giants??? Oh no. I’m not concussed. I’ve died. Died and went to hell. Why God? Why me??”


“Ahh you prankster, you got me! Thought you could pull a fast one on the Beck Man, did ya?! You dirty dog, you! But no it was a great game good team win on the national stage but we’ve moved our focus onto next week already. Now if you’ll excuse me I must find a watch that costs more than the GDP of Switzerland. Arrivederci.”