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OBJ Put On A Show In His NYC Return, And The Jets Absolutely STINK

When you’re right, you’re right. I’m not saying I’m overly happy with the Browns performance this evening. I think Baker missed a lot of throws, and I think our play calling sucked. But I told you guys that there was a 0.00% chance that we were losing to the Jets tonight, and those odds held true. Mostly because the Jets STINK.


What a rough night week to be a Jets quarterback. Sam Darnold has mono. Trevor Siemian was discovered to be a goober on camera just before kickoff, and then Myles Garrett snapped his leg in half. And then Luke Falk had to finish the game. Who?? What’s Mark Sanchez doing??

But this night was not about the Jets. It wasn’t even necessarily about the Browns. It was about OBJ. Anyone with a brain knew that tonight was an OBJ revenge game. I know he never played for the Jets, but he was returning to New York after a week of the haters complaining about his sweet on-field watch and poor on-field performance. Oh, and he hates Gregg Williams. “OBJ who????”

Let me remind you:

Still has swag….

Still makes unbelievable one handed catches…

And still can’t be caught….

Gregg Williams didn’t like that one very much.


Sleep tight tonight, Gregg! But what a homecoming for OBJ. 6 catches, 161 yards, and a touchdown. And the Browns are BACK!! I love that the Browns are now 1-0 in Must Win games this year. This bodes well for the playoffs…

Huge win for the boys tonight, but there’s no time to rest. Our next 5 opponents are all 2-0, and we’re back on primetime TV again next week. No time to rest when you’re America’s team…