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Dennis Rodman's Hummer Featuring A Dennis Rodman Mural Is Both Classy And Understated And Only $58,000 On eBay!

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via busted coverage 

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So I know what your first thought is going to be. Big Cat, didn’t you just say yesterday that the Lebron Kia is lame and only a tremendous asshole would purchase it? Isn’t then saying a Dennis Rodman Hummer is cool just you being a hypocrite and homer because the Worm was a Bull? Well normally I would say yes, but you forgot one minor detail. Tits. Tits, Tits, and more Tits.



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Now I probably don’t have to say it because everyone who is reading this has a brain but I’ll do it anyway. The quickest way to transform an automobile from a run of a mill piece of transportation to a piece of living breathing art is Tits. You tell me this car doesn’t scream Champagne and Caviar. You can’t because that would make you a liar.



Oh and to answer your final question, yes, this is actually Dennis Rodman’s Hummer, so you know it comes with a side of Syphillis and Hep C. A Deal like this will not last, I can assure you this.



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