Turns Out That License Plate Actually Belongs To Those Kids Arrested In New Bedford And Definitely Says "Terrorista #1"


DMThe two men arrested last night in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings drive a car with the licence plate that reads: ‘Terrorista #1’ The students, named be neighbours by their first names Azmat and Diaz, drive a black BMW 330XI with the personalised plate and a sticker on the back which reads: ‘F*** you, you f****** f****’. They are thought to be from Kazakhstan and had not been seen since the bombings until last night when their ground floor apartment in New Bedford, MA, was raided by a dozen FBI agents at gunpoint. A neighbour claimed that the men had said the BMW was stolen or that they claimed they had rented it and were not paying the rental fee.

NYDailyNews -The entire complex was locked down for several hours yesterday. The vanity plate on the front of the vehicle shared by the two men arrested reads “Terrorista #1,’ and an expletive-filled bumper sticker was posted on the car’s rear. It was still unclear if the two men had any knowledge of the twin bombings that killed three and injured more than 180 on Monday. “I never noticed that license plate before,” she said. “I almost want to move. It’s that bad.”


So in regards to what Prez blogged this morning it looks like it does say Terrorista.  Ummm am I an idiot or is this a legitimate UMASS Dartmouth license plate? Like do they sell these in the school bookstore? What’s going on here? That might be something they want to get off the shelves ASAP.

Nonetheless, someone driving around in a 3 series with “Terrorist” plates and a bumper sticker that says “Fuck you, you fucking fucks” shouldn’t even get the chance to be a terrorist. Should be killed or arrested on sight for general douchebaggery.  And if they weren’t involved or know about it I’ll eat my hat.

PS – How about these cats saying this car was stolen or they rented it?  Umm then why were you in a picture with the terrorists on March 15th on his twitter profile?