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New Instagram Account "Hot Guys Reading" Is Disgusting And The Objectification Of Men

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Ummmm, what is this? Oh wait, I know what this, it’s an absolutely disgusting use of the internet to objectify men, that’s what it is. Hot guys reading? Like we’re some kind of piece of meat or something. Like all that matters is our looks and not our personality? Seriously who created this Instagram account. They need to be publicly shamed for the Objectification of Men. This shit can not stand. Where’s Jezebel to defend us now!?!?! Thank God I don’t read books, if I ended up on this page I would be mortified. Hot Guys Reading, it’s 2015 people, learn how to be respectful one time. There’s more to me than a pot belly and crazy eyebrows, I have a brain too!



Also, if you’re going to do this, do it right. Raise your standards. It’s not regular looking dude reading. This guy is a 6.5 at best.


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If they ever come out with a Hot Guys looking at porn and twitter on their phone then we’ll be really fucked.