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Barstool Sports Top 25 Party Schools: Week 4


We’ve got something new for you here at Barstool Sports. For the entire internet’s history, the only resource for the top party schools in America has been the Princeton Review. Why are a bunch of nerds rating where the best schools are to party? That’s why we, here, at Barstool Sports have decided to create our own top 25.

This list has been decided upon with the greatest minds on college partying this company has to offer. It started with our viceroy team that looks over 350+ schools on a daily basis. They’ve seen the videos, they’ve heard the stories. We then talked with multiple voices within the Barstool content team. We got their opinion, weighed the facts and came up with this list. It will be updated throughout the 2019-2020 college school year. In no way is this list final, but instead, week 4.

Top25( Week 4)


Florida State: 12th to 4th

Rumor has it on campus that the members of top fraternities at FSU are a bigger deal than the football team. Plus they’ve got the horses in the back (I hate that I typed that out):

Wisconsin: 8th to 5th

We may have underrated them coming into the season. It has the perfect in-between of partying, sports, and quality of education. Their frat/srat row is right on water. Definitely a top 5 party school.

South Carolina: 11th to 7th

Sakarlina is just a nonstop party. A school full of warriors who will stop at nothing to keep going.

Iowa State: NR to 14th

What lightning delay?

Wake Forest: NR to 18th

Our first newcomer of the week, Wake Forest has shown they should’ve been in the preseason top 25. An absolutely beautiful campus, great greek life, and a crazy mascot puts them in 18th.

Being a top 10 party school according to Princeton Review helps as well:

Pitt: NR to 19th

Time to take Penn State out of the rankings. I’m not even sure any partying goes on there anymore. If the visiting fanbase is getting arrested over you, there is a problem:

UC-Santa Barbra: NR to 20th

Our first list was way too east/south biased. UC-Santa Barbra sounds like a dream. Beautiful woman. Great weather. Non-stop party.

Deleware: NR to 21st

They should’ve been in the top 25 to start. I slightly didn’t put them there just to troll. I still have yet to meet anyone from Deleware, but it sounds like a great time.

NC State: NR to 22nd

Look at the innovation going on in Raleigh.

Syrauce: NR to 24th

Named the #1 party school by Princeton Review, it wouldn’t make sense for me not to include them in this list.

Once the winter comes around, I’m not sure they will stay in the top 25. Way too damn cold to party.


UMass: 5th to 8th

Haven’t seen enough out of ole Zoomass this year. They need to step it up.

Iowa: 7th to 11th

They were shown up by the fans in the CyHawk rivalry. That’s enough to drop you in the rankings. I don’t care if it’s an away game. You’ve gotta show up. You’re Iowa, damnit!

Dayton: 4th to 12th

I’ve seen NOTHING out of the Flyers this year. If this continues, I will be sending Dayton out of the top 25.

Queens U: 18th to NR

Had to take Canada off the list. Just felt un-American to keep them on.

Penn State: 19th to NR

I made it very clear in the Pitt part of this blog that Penn State has fallen off as a top party school. I couldn’t care less that the Jonas Brothers like one of your bars. They didn’t even go to Penn State.

Ole Miss: 21st to NR

It turns out The Grove is the most overrated tailgating experience in the world. No hot food allowed. Alcohol being thrown out: