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Some Dude In Norway Went Fishing And Ended Up Catching A Goddamn Alien


The Sun- An angler got the shock of his life when he accidentally reeled in this alien-like monster from the deep. Oscar Lundahl nearly jumped out of his fishing boat when he saw the bizarre-looking species with bulbous eyes on the end of his line.

The specimen is in actual fact a ratfish, whose Latin name Chimaeras Monstrosa Linnaeus is aptly derived from a Greek mythical monster that had the head of a lion and tail of a dragon.

No offense to Oscar Lundahl, who seems like an outstanding young man, or the bastion of quality journalism that is The Sun. But the creature Oscar is holding in his hands is a motherfucking alien. Not a ratfish (which sounds like something Marty Mush would call you if you didn’t give him a hot tip on a bet) or a Chimaeras Monstrosa Linnaeus if you are a douchebag. This is a ratfish:


That thing at the top of this blog? Alien. I know an alien when I see one and the thing with giant goggly eyes straight out of Arts & Crafts at camp is either

A. Not from this planet


B. The product of an alien going deep sea diving on some poor Earth fish before going to town on it, throwing his space seed inside, and then ghosting that poor fishy by flying away on his UFO

However, the craziest part of this story isn’t the picture above or the tabloid media outlet ignoring that some Norwegian just made contact with some space monster (which is something Barstool DEFINITELY wouldn’t have done if YP caught that extra terrestrial on Barstool Outdoors). It’s what that Norwegian did with that alien after catching it.

Sadly, due to the sudden change in pressure, the ratfish did not survive being hauled up out of the water so Oscar took it home and pan-fried fillets of it in butter. He said: “Despite its ugly appearance it was really tasty. It is a bit like cod but tastier.”

What a terrible moment for Norwegians around the world. Before this, I associated Norway with Thor, vikings, and the being awesome at the Winter Olympics. That’s maybe as strong a trio as you can get when it comes to a country. However, now I will think of them as weirdos that eat aliens while trying to convince you that they aren’t eating actual aliens all because of some kid named Oscar that doesn’t even have a badass Norwegian last name filled with rogue J’s and/or K’s in it. Just an awful look for such a proud nation.