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The 'Woods Are Rolling Into Philly And The Inaugural PLL Championship Is Set

LACROSSE: SEP 14 Premier Lacrosse League New York

August 18th in Hamilton, Ontario. The Whipsnakes were coming off of back-to-back losses, trying to clinch a spot in the playoffs, and then they came out and absolutely smacked the shit out of the Redwoods 17-4. It was a full blown dick kicking. Probably the most lopsided dick kicking of the PLL season so far. And what made it even worse is that it took the Redwoods out of a playoff spot because they had the worst goal differential in the league after that. The only way that the Redwoods would be able to get into the playoffs after that is if they not only won the final game of their regular season, but they had to beat the piss out of the Chrome to get their goal differential back for the tie breaker.

In week 10, they beat the piss out of Chrome 18-7 and locked themselves into a playoff spot where they took down the Archers in round 1 and then smacked around the Chaos a bit on Saturday to punch their ticket to Philly for the Championship.

It was 6-6 at halftime but don’t get it twisted–the ‘Woods were dominating this game all over the field. Whether it was Matt Landis completely shutting down Connor Fields all night.

One of the most glorious yard sales the game has ever seen.

Tim Troutner following up his guest appearance on the podcast with an outrageous performance between the pipes.

And then the offense doing what they do best and just fill the back of the net in transition.

Redwoods? I like to call them the Red Pepper Flakes because this team is extra spicy right now. And now they’ll play against the Whipsnakes this Saturday in Philly for the inaugural PLL Championship. Kind of a tough break for the Whipsnakes that they were so damn dominant this season that they earned themselves a bye week heading into the Championship. They haven’t played a game since September 7th and now they’ll have to play against the hottest team in the league for the Crown. Almost makes you wonder if the Redwoods timed this one up perfectly.

Anyway, you can catch anything you might have missed from the semifinal weekend right here on today’s episode of the podcast.

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We’ll see everybody at the Live Show from Talen Energy Stadium on Saturday.