Joe Mixon Wants Any Bengals Fan Booing Them To Come Try Out For The Team And See If They Can Do Better

Naturally this pissed people off here in Cincinnati. I’m not a Bengals fan, so I think it’s hilarious that this is happening. It’s the small things like this to make me smile while the Giants continue to fuck everything up .

But I actually think Mixon is right here. I have no problem with fans booing and I have no problem with players speaking out about it. I’ve said this numerous times – I’m sick of the canned answers and boring ass quotes. Give me an answer like this. Oh you boo me? Well come get your ass tackled and see if you can do better.

If I had to guess, this guy will likely show up to take Andy Dalton’s job;

And you better believe this guy was 100% booing if he’s not dead:

You know, I just don’t know why Bengals fans would boo:

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 10.24.00 AM

Maybe it’s not winning a playoff game since 1991. Maybe it’s the fact that AJ Green is hurt again. Maybe it’s the fact that they’ll never see a championship. Who knows really. Either way, if you want to boo, go on down to Paul Brown Stadium and please call me. That would make some great content to see people trying out like It’s Always Sunny