Wake Up With 2019 AL MVP, Mike Trout Hitting For The Cycle

Real bummer that came down from the baseball world yesterday with the news that 2019 AL MVP, Mike Trout is out for the year with a foot injury. He was having another Troutian season, a cool 137 hits in 134 games, 45 homers, 104 RBIs, 110 walks, a .291 average, an OBP of .438, a .645 slugging percentage, you know, just casual stats. Sucks to see two of baseballs superstars go down within a week of each other, but thats baseball. Here we have Trout going for the cycle in quite the fashion back in 2013. He was just a young Trout back then, now he's known as easily the best player in baseball. I know its been beaten into the ground, but how is this guys face not on every MLB commercial and billboard? One of the best players that has ever stepped on a field and no one gives a shit. Don't worry Mike, I give a shit. Get well soon, maybe Albert Pujols and the Angels will wear his jersey underneath of theirs like Ryan Braun did for Christian Yelich. What a weird move that was.