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One Of The Suspects Liked Terrorist Videos On YouTube

(I’m not even embedding cuz I’m not giving the videos plays. It’s trash. Hateful trash that talks about killing non believers)

(BI) – The dead man suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon on Monday was named Tamerlan Tsarnaev. On YouTube, there’s a user with the same name. There’s a page showing that user’s latest activity. Some channels this user subscribes to are:

Allah is the One
MaineSkiFamily’s channel

This user also created a playlist called “Terrorists.” It used to contain two videos, but they are now deleted.

This is bullshit. Is this kind of stuff not regulated? Like if you “like” a terrorist video on YouTube or have a terrorist channel or whatever, the Feds should kick your door down in 2 seconds. Haul you off to some dark basement and torture you for the rest of your life. No questions asked. I don’t care about freedom of speech or whatever. If you feel the need to exercise your freedom of speech by spreading extremist beliefs then you go to jail for life. And spare me the Ben Franklin shit where if you’re willing to sacrifice rights for security then you deserve neither. This is a different time. We’re not worried about dudes with muskets in red coats. We’re worried about plain clothes terrorists ruining our way of life. If you create a playlist called “Terrorists,” you have no more rights. End of story.