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Malort Is Now Being Served As A Canned, Cold Brewed Coffee Liqueur, SIGN ME UP!

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 11.06.13 AM

Everyone in Chicago loves to hate Malort.  It’s a right of passage for us in a way.  Turn 21, take a shot of it and bitch about how awful it is.  If you didn’t take a shot of Malort on your 21st birthday, you didn’t do your 21st birthday correctly as a Chicagoan.

This guy describes the taste as tasting like “an abortion clinic”

Now I personally don’t think it’s that awful.  I’d rather take a shot of Malort 100x out of 100 over rail vodka or rail tequila.  I realize I’m in the minority there, but it’s who I am.  In fact Kacy Smith of all people was the only one to agree with me when Vibbs had the office take shots of it a few weeks back:


Malort face is even a thing:

People seriously loathe the shit.  But love it at the same time.  Really weird dynamic.

But nevertheless, anytime a new Malort infused drink pops up I have to give it a try.  Another coffee shop had Malort flavored mochas a while back.  That was, in fact, disgusting.  Couldn’t finish it.  But you bet your ass I made a beeline to the coffee shop this morning to try this new Malort/Coffee liqueur.

Without further ado, my Malort Liqueur Cold Brew review:

Boom.  Delicious.  Not even kidding it was good.  Have a good weekend everybody.