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Lenny Dykstra Is Ready For WAR With The Bagel Boss


Former troubled Mets player Lenny Dykstra ended up getting into a tussle with  Angry Bagel Guy, Chris Morgan, on Thursday night during a promotional event in New York for their upcoming boxing match.

The pair were promoting their up-coming fight when the retired MLB All-Star sent the little Long Islander off the stage at the Stand Up NY comedy club on the Upper West Side.

Morgan, 45, wanted to retaliate immediately and climbed back on stage only to take off his shirt and lunge directly at Dykstra.

So these two assholes had a real, actual pre-fight promo last night.  Here it is below:

And ya know what I was thinking the entire time I watched it?


I feel like Butters rooting for Wendy when she beats the shit out of Cartman on the playground.  I just want Nails to WHALE on that midget.  No holds barred.  Obliteration.

Ya know why?  Because I’m also a midget.  And this midget is doing other midgets no justice with his loud mouth.  I hate that asshole with the fire of a thousand suns.

Now if you didn’t want to watch the presser there were a few things to note.

1. Lenny legitimately seems like he wants to kill the midget.  He seems IRATE in the whole thing.

2. Lenny lunging at the midget and the midget subsequently shitting his pants is hilarious

3. the midget trying the same thing on Lenny with Lenny having zero reaction is also in fact, hilarious

All in all I think this is enough for me to watch the fight.  And I am all aboard #TeamLenny