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There's A Clown Problem In Logan Square Again

Just doesn’t stop around here.

People have been trying to tell me this is a “good” clown? Is there even such thing as a non-evil clown that walks the streets? Look, the evil clowns that were roaming the streets last year ruined the opportunity for any nice clowns. Now no clowns get to roam the streets. That’s on them.

I don’t know what to think of Joey the Clown, as they’re calling him. But rumor has it he makes you a balloon animal for some spare change in return, which I don’t hate at all.

If this guy’s just homeless and trying to spice it up a little bit then that changes everything. I can respect that. And not to mention he’s not just begging, he’s implementing a barter system. Some of my green pennies for a balloon animal? Better than nothing,

I’ll probably be forced to make balloon wildlife with this guy once Carl catches wind of this story, so stay tuned on the verdict of good vs bad clown. But in the meantime, claiming you’re a good clown and ripping heaters on the job is a kind of a tough sell.