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A Player Was Kicked Out Of The NBA 2K League Because He Was Tipping Off Gamblers - You Can Bet On The 2K League?!?

Oh hell yeah. Who said THIS LEAGUE is only saved for the NBA. We’ve already had Tim Donaghy there, what we haven’t had yet is someone disqualified for tipping bettors. Thanks to someone with the name of 24K Dropoff (hell of a name) we finally have that in the NBA2K League. The same league that once gave us this:

What I want to know is who is out here betting on the gaming league? That’s someone who 100% I want to be friends with. I mean I have an idea, oh do I have an idea of who could be involved here:

Here’s the kicker though. The dude wasn’t even fixing games. He was just tipping bettors on who to bet. That’s called having a source. I’m starting to demand an apology to 24k Dropoff. I’m calling for reinstatement immediately into the league and just remember if he does, who helped remind people for that.

Oh and now the Heat need a power forward? Got the guy for that too: