#ACGate: A/C Was Turned On In LSU's Locker Room And Texas Has Excel Spreadsheet's To Prove It

LSU v Texas

Yesterday, I blogged the ongoing air conditioning story that emerged after the LSU-Texas game:

To anyone with a brain, they would see I was being very tongue and cheek. I did find the whole situation funny and petty regardless of how I wrote the blog, though.

Due to being an honest blogger and always staying on top of my blog topics, I am here to update you on the latest news surrounding #ACGate:

Imagine going to J-school, learning how to put in an FOIA request and then using it for this exact situation. That’s why I love this sport.

Here is the Excel spreadsheets of the temperature in the room:

I didn’t know that A/C temperatures were literally monitored by the school to such a degree that you can get the temperature of a visitor’s lockerroom every 15 minutes. Football is just different in the south, ya’ll.

Apparently, within Texas circles, many people are VERY mad about being accused of such a heinous crime. So much so that they are going to open a can of whoop-ass on what they are calling “Swamp Gate.”

I’ll stay on top of this. Can’t wait to see how Swamp Gate is “exposed.”