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Only In Russia: A Hockey Player Gifted An Ak47 For Being The Player Of The Game

Since I have joined Spittin’ Chiclets, my eyes have been opened to the world of Russian Hockey. There really isn’t much in the world that is more interesting than Russian Hockey. From the Russian Gas to the league being *allegedly* run by the Mob, you can’t deny how hilarious the stories that come out of Russian hockey are.

The latest story? An Ak47 given out to the Player of the Game in the VHL. The prize was first awarded after the victory of Izhstal over Chelmet with a score of 3: 2. The goalkeeper of the team Savely Kononov was recognized as the best, reflecting 36 shots.

Hockey players perceived the appearance of weapons in the locker room with humor. “They brought the coach,” “Can I shoot?”, “If we play poorly, they will shoot us,” the players said.

The team is HC Izhstal, a professional hockey based out of Izhevsk, Russia that plays in the Supreme Hockey League (basically, the KHL’s B league). The goalie is Savely Kononov (what a name for a goalie), a 23-year-old from Cherepovets, Russia.

My initial take on this is that it’s pretty fucking cool. I’m not a huge gun guy, living in NYC it’s basically impossible to own one, but if I lived in Russia I’d be a HUGE gun guy. It’s survival of the fittest over there. The coach could come in next game and instead of giving the ak47 to someone he’d just light up his whole team and start over. I want to be strapped at ALL times if I’m playing in Russia. Russian hockey is a weird breed. But I don’t hate it one bit, I actually kind of love it.