My Response To The Awful Sporting News Top 10 CFB QB's Of All Time List

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This list has caused quite the stir. As you can tell by the headline, I am not the biggest fan of it. I expressed my thoughts last night on Twitter:

Due to the limit of 280 characters, I couldn’t expand. However, thanks to this beautiful website, I do have that opportunity.

Let’s start with the old fellas on this list. Kenjac put it perfectly:

I understand you have to put one. Put Roger Staubach at #8. He was a legend at Navy, went on to serve for this country, etc. He was a great college player. Let’s keep him at 8. Sammy Baugh? Not that big of a fan. I can’t even find his college stats. He threw more interceptions than TDs in the NFL, so I assume it was similar in college. Yeah, he played DB and Punter at the same time, but this is not a “greatest college players” list, but a “greatest college QBs” list.

Now that we’ve got the black and white portion over, let’s go ranking by ranking.

1. Tim Tebow

I’m fine with this. He was an all-time great for multiple years.

2. Peyton Manning

Wayyyyyyy toooooo high. He had a great 4 years at Tennessee, but never won a Heisman nor a national championship.

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I’d put him around 7.

3. Matt Leinart

I’d put him at 2.

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He could’ve won 2 Heismans. He won a national championship and would’ve won another one if it wasn’t for Vince Young.

His NFL career stunk, but he had a great career at USC.

4. Tommie Frazier

I’d put him a little bit lower, but I’m okay with Tommie being here. He was great and all at Nebraska, but let’s take a look at his stats:

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No years with over 1000 yards of rushing? The most TDs he scored was 31. No Heisman. He was the QB of one of the greatest college teams of all time, but 4 is a little too high.

5. Vince Young

I’d definitely put him above Peyton and Tommie. Although, his stats leading up to his iconic season weren’t great:

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His performance against USC does enough to put him in the top 10, though. He beat a team that won 34 straight games with 2 Heisman winners in the backfield. He has one of the most iconic plays in college football history.

6. Deshaun Watson

Too low. It wasn’t necessarily his fault, but he should’ve won a Heisman. Look at these stats:

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Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 1.22.27 PM

Amazing. Two seasons with over 45+ TDs. A national championship. Turned around a program as well.

7. Roger Staubach

Already discussed above.

8. Doug Flutie


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I get maybeeee throwing him at 10. His last season was great for his time era. Throw in his hail mary pass against Miami and being 5’10 makes it more impressive.

9. John Elway

I guess?

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10. Sammy Baugh

Already discussed above.

Here is my list.

1. Tim Tebow

2. Cam Newton

His season at Auburn is possibly the greatest college performance of all time. People forget that Auburn was ranked 22nd heading into that season. He turned that team into a squad that was close to unbeatable.

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National championship. Heisman.

3. Matt Leinart

4. Deshaun Watson

5. Johnny Manziel

It’s a joke he isn’t on this list. The man was bigger than the sport for almost 2 years.

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Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 1.29.43 PM

I’d even argue that his second season was better than his first.

6. Baker Mayfield

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Again, it’s a joke he isn’t on the list. He was Johnny 2.0. He increased the popularity of the sport.

7. Peyton Manning

8. Roger Staubach

Putting him here just so I don’t get the boomers mad.

9. Drew Brees

For his time, these stats are unbelievable:

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10. Marcus Mariota

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His 2014 season may be the greatest season ever. Heisman. Almost won national championship after beating a FSU team that won over 25 straight games.

Honorable mentions:

Colt Brennan: can’t get over his game against Georgia in the Sugar Bowl.

RG3: Can’t lose to UConn and be on this list.

John Elway

Andrew Luck

Kyler Murray

Joe Montana

Tommie Frazier

Mike Vick: His stats just weren’t that good

Graham Harrell

Case Keenum

Kellen Moore

Pat White

Dan Orlovsky