Popeyes Is Really Out Here Telling You To Bring Your Own Bun To Make A Chicken Sandwich. Chick-Fil-A Would Never

Uhhhh hey, Popeyes. The heck you think this is? Do you really think I’m just driving around with a fresh batch of brioche buns in my car so I can assemble my own chicken sandwiches at any given moment? I mean, sure, I might have 3 or 4 brioche buns in my car but those are in case of emergency brioches.

Have you ever seen Chick-Fil-A tell people to bring their own bun? Of course not. Because they assemble it for you and it’s their absolute pleasure. To think that Popeyes would have the gall to make a request like this is unfathomable. And what? They want you to put 3 chicken strips on a sandwich instead of a fried chicken breast filet? Unbelievable. It throws the entire sandwich off. That would be like handing somebody a hamburger but instead of a patty, you throw 3 little meatballs onto a hamburger bun. Is it the same thing? Sort of. But you still deserved to get punched in the throat for presenting it as a hamburger.

Honestly it’s just disrespectful to the chicken sandwich game at this point. I don’t feel like they’re treating it with the respect and dignity that it deserves. It’s almost as if they’re treating the chicken sandwich like it’s a side show or something. Popeyes had a great rookie year, sure, but now they’re crashing back down to Earth. They’re like the 2016 RGIII of chicken sandwiches right now.