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NBC Suspends Brian Williams For 6 Months Without Pay

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NBC you are dumb, you are really so dumb. You know what’s hot in the streets right now? Controversy. Controversy of any kind, any shape, any size. You know who has the biggest Controversy? The guy who pretended to be a soldier in Iraq and have his helicopter shot at in a death defying act of hero journalism….BRIAN WILLIAMS! You don’t suspend the guy that everyone is talking about,  you make him work even more. You put him on every show. You make him sit in front of America night in and night out. You start a nightly feature “Brian Williams 2 truths and a lie” where he tries to trick the country with some outrageously fabricated story. That’s what you do, and that’s why you guys are losing money*, because you can’t think outside of the box. You don’t run away from the fire, you run towards it (I think this is wrong but it sounds tough). Way to blow the biggest buzz the News has had in years. Fucking idiots.




Still think Brian Williams should have gone with the “my daughter got her ass eaten on television and it short circuited my brain” defense. No chance it fails.


*I have no idea if NBC is losing money but I know they would make a hell of a lot more if they did my nightly 2 truths and lie segment.