Two Courageous Young Rebels Superglued Themselves To A Bridge To Protest Climate Change

Ghandi had his hunger strike. Martin Luther King Jr. had his March on Washington. And now Connor and Tiana have their iconic moment in time. This is what happens when the government does not listen. People take matters into their own hands! Thank you, young rebels!

Okay I'm kidding. I would've ran these two over. This is nothing more than a speed bump. I mean, I kn0w that climate change is a SERIOUS problem and all, but I'd like to know if Connor and Tiana are willing to die for their cause. Are they going to stay on the tracks when the train is coming through? Protest Tip: Don't superglue yourself to the road unless you're willing to pay the ultimate price.

So I guess these two are acting under a group called "Extinction Rebellion", which their homepage tells me is a socio-political movement with the stated aim of using civil disobedience and nonviolent resistance to protest against climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse. Now that's a cause I can get behind! Everyone hates biodiversity loss! But as much as I despise the risk of ecological collapse, I still cannot sign off on any form of "disruption to business", as the group is vowing to continue.

I hate all protests. Every single one of them. There's not one cause on this Earth that I'd go superglue myself on a bridge for. Are there things that I really care about? Yeah, I guess. I wish the price of chicken wings wasn't so high. But to protest in a way that affects other peoples day to day lives that have nothing to do with the problem is absolutely stupid. And rude! And I get that it's a double-edge sword, seeing as people won't even notice your cause unless you ruffle a couple feathers, but here's my stance on that: if no one cares about your cause until you shut down a bridge for 45 minutes by super-gluing yourself to the road, then your cause isn't that important in the first place.

But do not tell this rebellious group that. This is not their first rodeo with the superglue method. Earlier this year, another eco-warrior superglued her chest to the ground to stop commuters.

Gluing your traffic stoppers to the ground to stop traffic. Why didn't Rosa Parks think of this?