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A Non-Gambling, Non-Smoking 5-Star Luxury Hotel Is Being Built In...LAS VEGAS?!?!?!?!

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Fox Business - Las Vegas is set to get a new hotel where visitors will not be hitting the slot machines.

The Majestic, an $850 million-dollar project, will be a “non-gaming,” non-smoking ultra-luxury five-star hotel – focusing instead on “the best in health and wellness.”

What exactly does that entail? A four-level, 70,000 square foot fitness, nutrition and “med spa” facility that will offer body treatments and fitness classes – in addition to personal nutritionists and physicals.

Doumani said with an increasing focus on health and wellness across the country, he is looking to provide a one-stop shop for people to get their health examined – and to receive personalized programs to prevent potential future health complications.


The fuck is this? Not my Las Vegas, that’s for sure. This thing is a luxury, 5 star, fancy as hell, top of the god damn line hotel…WITHOUT GAMBLING!?!?!?!? What’s even…what’s even the point?!?!? If you don’t want to gamble, don’t go to Vegas! I mean I get it, people go there and check out the shows or a hockey game or what have you, but my goodness, imagine bringing the boys out to Vegas and staying at the smoke-free, sports book free hotel???? We live in a society!!!! That’d be like going to Thailand and not…participating.

They are hoping to attract very rich people who come out to Vegas for conferences. Guess what very rich people with a ton of exposable income like to do? GAMBLE! But look at this dumb ass quote from the developer:

Doumani does not think he will miss out on revenues by not offering gaming options.

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What is that top number, 12 zillion? I have a feeling owning a hotel without gaming might actually effect revenues. Maybe he knows better than I do, but just going to assume he’s a little off on this one.