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Texas Should Be **Severely** Penalized For Turning Off The AC In LSU's Locker Room Last Weekend

Saturday was a complete embarrassment for Texas. They let Joe Burrow walk into their home stadium, throw for 470+ yards, 4 TDs, and would’ve lost by 2 scores if it wasn’t for a garbage time TD with 30 seconds on the clock.

The loss becomes even more embarrassing when you hear of the stunt they pulled pregame in LSU’s locker room. Something they’ve done before.

SOURCE-“First of all, I called Louisiana Tech, and they told us about it,” Orgeron told reporters, via The Advocate. “So we did some things in the dressing room that were better. It wasn’t great, but it was better. At least we had air in there. They didn’t have air. We had some blowers in there.”

On Saturday night, it was over 90 degrees in Austin. The humidity was at 31%. Turning off the air conditioning is disgusting. These are kids we are talking about and Texas is turning off the air conditioning for their own advantage? Is this 1972? Are we living in the medieval ages!

To make things worse, Tom Herman and Texas have denied this ever occurred:

I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that Tom Herman was behind this. Let’s not forget that he did steal the G2’s from the Ohio State facility.

I want the NCAA to launch a full-blown investigation into this. If the allegations are true, Texas should be given an extra loss on their record and ban from all postseason play (not that they are going anywhere outside of the Camping World Bowl). These are kids we are talking about, folks. No air conditioning in 98-degree weather? Tom Herman and Texas should release an apology to LSU today and then after that apologize to their fans for pulling such an act and then still losing the game. GROSS.