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Video: Zone Out At Work With This Incredible Cricket Catch

At first I didn’t get what was so impressive with this catch because it happened so quickly. Might I recommend fast forwarding to 00:45 and watching it unfold in slo-mo, and then you might emit an ‘oh shit!’ like I did. Very fancy handwork here.

According to my research (scrolling the comments under the post, big J Journalism…) the game was between India’s Maharashtra & Railway teams in March of this year. This Two Catchers, One Catch thing just seems to be one of those viral posts that’s picked up steam again out of the blue, much like Two Girls, One Cup but with more cricket and none of the mess.

Now, for a little background on the sport itself you can click HERE for a quick YouTube breakdown, because if I tried to explain it myself we’d all wind up confused and I’d get ‘well actually’-ed pretty hard by Barstool’s thriving cricket community.

More importantly, if you want to see the most beautiful women to ever grace a cricket field, click HERE.

I couldn’t help but wonder if a catch like this would be allowed in the MLB, so I consulted my desk-neighbor Glenny Balls (assuming he’s an expert in all things balls) and technically this could also happen in baseball. Browsing around for an example of this proved fruitless, but if you know of one feel free to toss up the link in the comments (shameless plug for GOLD, heh heh!).

As a final note, the cricket ref’s outfits totally fuck. Would not mind seeing our MLB refs in cowboy hats & sweet sunglasses now & then. They’re #1 for style:

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 3.18.47 PM