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Miracle Report: Painting Of Virgin Mary Seen Crying In A Recently Foreclosed Chicago Church


WGN - On Monday, there was a steady flow of believers from the city and suburbs at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Chicago as word spread of what many believe is a portrait of a weeping Mother Mary. It was a custodian who first brought attention to what the faithful say is the Virgin Mary holding an infant Jesus with tears flowing down her cheek. Holy Trinity was able to avoid foreclosure last year after a generous anonymous donation but issues with the donation are putting the church in jeopardy again. The sighting comes as the church faces foreclosure, possibly as soon as Thursday.

Throwing out the Hail Mary on the last play, all puns intended.

Look, I don’t have the resumé to be confirming miracles here—being a Chreaster mass go-er and only praying if it’s begging doesn’t give me that right. But miracle or not, reporting that tears are flooding from your church’s Mother Mary painting is a great business strategy for saving it from the wrecking ball.

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Business has been BOOMING for this church ever since. Religion bandwagoners flocking from far and wide to witness firsthand/take a #miracle Instagram of Weeping Mary. May be a bigger tourist attraction than Navy Pier at this point. Who’s to say if the timing of all this is miraculous or convenient but regardless, it’s gonna take more than a miracle to keep you from a government foreclosure. Still a great last hoorah nonetheless.

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