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The Browns Have Given A Lifetime Ban To A Fan For Throwing Beer On Sunday, Except He Hasn't Been To A Game In A Decade

So the other day I blogged about the whiny internet and a crybaby Titans player that got upset cause he got a beer poured on him when he jumped into the home stands. Hey crybaby, don't jump into the home stands at the end of a 30 point blowout if you don't want a reaction. Browns fans are not scumbags for this. It's not like we poured beer on him as he ran to the tunnel. He jumped into the Dawg Pound, and he got what he deserved.

But obviously the Browns organization was forced to do the politically correct thing and ban him from the stadium for life. So that's exactly what they did. Except there's apparently been one little hiccup: the dude they banned swears he wasn't even at the game.

Cleveland Scene - Eric Smith was going about his morning at the Cleveland Music Group today when he got a call from Bob Sivik, the Cleveland Browns' Vice President of Ticket Sales & Service. Sivik, Smith says, informed him that he had been identified as the fan who poured a beer on Titans' player Logan Ryan during the Browns' game at FirstEnergy Stadium on Sunday afternoon. This was shocking news to Smith, he says, for a couple of reasons. First, he wasn't at the game. Second, he hadn't been to a game in nearly a decade. Third, he was DJing a wedding at the Ariel International Center that afternoon.

I'm not saying this guy is right, and I'm not saying he's lying. But if this turns out to be true, this is a baaaad look an organization that is trying to shed the "Same Old Browns" mentality. This would only happen to one team in the NFL and that is the Cleveland Browns. I can already hear the haters from here. "Are we really surprised they botched this too?"

But even with what seems to be a pretty airtight alibi, the Browns are not buying it.

None of that seemed to sway Sivik, who told Smith that he had been caught on multiple cameras around the stadium, that the team had matched his tattoos, and that he had bought a ticket. Smith was informed he was banned from the stadium.

I hope this dude fights it. Prove where you were on Sunday and stick it to this VP of Ticket Sales and Service. And tell him to give everyone their money back for the bullshit they put us through on Sunday.

You know what…..I'm siding with this guy. It's taken us 2 decades to find a competent quarterback, I don't think the Browns would have been able to find the beer thrower in just two days.