The NCAA's Solution To California Passing A Bill Letting Athletes Make Money On Endorsements: Ban All The Schools From NCAA Competition

I’m actually impressed by the NCAA. It took just 1 day for them to remind everyone they are the worst. If I have one goal in life it’s to remind everyone as much as possible just how terrible the organization is.

California passed a bill (it has to be signed, really just 1 step away) from allowing athletes to make money off of endorsements – because, you know, it’s makes sense.

A bill that everyone that enjoys living in 2019 and not in the 1950s can get behind, unless you’re trying to be a contrarian. Now the NCAA had one of 3 ways to respond.

Option 1) being supportive and say you’re willing to work with California schools and the other states to figure out how to make this national.
Option 2) Don’t say anything at all.
Option 3) Say things like this and piss everyone off:

We urge the state of California to reconsider this harmful and, we believe, unconstitutional bill and hope the state will be a constructive partner in our efforts to develop a fair name, image and likeness approach for all 50 states. 

Harmful! How fucking delusional do you have to be to think this bill is harmful? Again, it’s not that difficult. Let every single college athlete – male, female, whatever sport – make money off of name, likeness and image. In reality, it won’t change things from a recruiting standpoint. The big boys will still get the best talent. Take a look at the college football and basketball recruiting pages. It’s not like these 5-star guys are going to Tulane or Long Beach State. They are going to Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Texas, Duke, etc. That will still be the case. Players just get a cut of their action deemed by the open market.

I just can’t get over how someone like Mark Emmert and the rest of this dumbass organization can continue to screw up this much. The best part? The whole committee who signed this statement? There’s ONE former athlete. Grant Hill. The same Grant Hill who comes from a professional athlete’s family and didn’t face financial hardships in the slightest while at Duke. A totally normal comparison to everyone else.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m cool with the schools just paying players in scholarships. But we’re talking about endorsements here. Who gives a shit if a bar in Alabama wants to pay Tua or Two Keys wants to pay Ashton Hagans?

So consider this my statement to the NCAA.

I urge the NCAA to reconsider their dumbass rules and join the rest of the world in 2019. It’s harmful and I believe unconstitutional to refuse to work with common sense. I hope that you all stop working in college athletics and let those who are smarter around. 

And in closing. Fuck the NCAA.