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The NFL Jerseys As Ranked By YOU!

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos

2 days ago Coley, Tyler, Jeff D and I sat down and ranked all 32 NFL teams jerseys. We had some disagreement, as expected, but here is the results of YOUR voting from that blog along with some fan reactions.

32nd – Arizona Cardinals (1.1%)

Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals

Coley: These jerseys definitely stink out loud, but they’re not worse than the Bucs. They’re punting on a strong colorway and should feel bad about it.

31st – Tampa Bay Bucs (1.3%)
NFL: SEP 08 49ers at Buccaneers

Steve Cheah: When I asked Steve Cheah for comment he said “They should be 32nd”

30th – Cincinnati Bengals (1.6%)

Cincinnati Bengals v Seattle Seahawks

 Kenjac: The Bengals helmet is very strong, but the rest of their uniform reeks. It smells like failure, ruined potential, and chili covered pasta.

29th – Houston Texans (1.7%)

Houston Texans v New Orleans SaintsKenjac: I wish there was a universe where they could somehow get the rights to the Oilers old uniforms because they are MUCH better than these kits. Bloody mental innit.

28th – Jacksonville Jaguars (2.1%)

NFL: SEP 08 Chiefs at Jaguars

Uncle Chaps: 28th is the worst spot to be. It’s bullshit and another systematic way the nfl is conspiring to keep our beloved Jaguars down. People read the last 3 and first 12 spots in the rankings. We are in the “fuck you” zone and, as a Christian, that’s offensive.

27th – Detroit Lions (2.4%)

Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals

Coley: Detroit’s jerseys are bland, the lion isn’t the most intimidating representation of the beast. Plus, as an organization, they stink. I understand why people don’t like these.

26th – Indianapolis Colts (2.4%)

Indianapolis Colts v Los Angeles ChargersVibbs: Colts jerseys are the military crew cut of the NFL. Nothing flashy to get in the way the game of football. Just a jersey you can set your watch by.

25th – Tennessee Titans (2.5%)

NFL: SEP 08 Titans at Browns

RDT: I think it’s INSANE the titans are that low. I wasn’t a fan of these new ones at first but they’ve grown on me. There are at least 15 teams with worse uniforms. Tennessee should for sure be higher.

24th – Denver Broncos (2.9%)

Denver Broncos v Oakland RaidersRudy: If we want to get serious about climbing this leaderboard we need to put actual horse tails on the back of our helmets.

23rd – Washington Redskins (3.3%)

NFL: SEP 08 Redskins at Eagles

PFT: Redskins shoud be higher because there the only team whose main colors represent blood and piss the building blocks of grit. Legend has it Washingtons pants use to be pearly white until Mark Schlereth cycled through them over the course of 3 seasons.

22nd – Atlanta Falcons (3.4%)

Atlanta Falcons v Minnesota Vikings

Tyler:  I had the Falcons 12th off the strength of the Deion era jerseys. The fans ranked them 22, I’m guessing off their current jerseys. Which stink, so I see where they’re coming from.

21st – New York Jets (3.9%)

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets

Kenjac: I think the new uniform is better than most people are saying, but they should also go back to the Kelly Green jerseys. Or maybe just go to some sort of offensive looking baby-shit green so Darnold will stop getting made out with.

20th – Cleveland Browns (4.4%)

Tennessee Titans v Cleveland Browns

Jeff: The Browns being 20th on the list makes sense to me. Honestly, I’d expect them to be lower because every jersey they have with the exception of the Color Rush set is trash. Still, the Color Rush is enough for me to like their uniforms

19th – New York Giants (5.2%)

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys

Glenny Ballz: We talking the Giants blues? If so some teams like the Lions and Broncos got fuuuucked because our blues SUCK. Once we bring the away reds, especially with the SB42 patch on it, that’s a different story. The GOATs.

18th – Carolina Panthers (5.4%)

NFL: SEP 08 Rams at Panthers

Kenjac: I actually love their color scheme quite a bit, but I think they can embrace it better. Their color rush being all blue instead of all black is maybe the biggest swing-and-miss ever.

17th – Seattle Seahawks (7.8%)

Cincinnati Bengals v Seattle SeahawksMarinaPretty much where I expected the Seahawks to be. Not great, not horrible. The green alternate in 2009 was my favorite. Love the highlighter. Love it. Need more.

16th – Miami Dolphins (7.9%)

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins

Kenjac: I emailed and texted Brandon Walker for comment as well as asking him in person and this was his response:

15th – Buffalo Bills (8.2%)

NFL: SEP 08 Bills at Jets

PFT: Bills uniforms should be at athe bottom of the list for no other reason then the city of Buffalo is home to Zubaz- the perfect uniform color, and the Bills continue to neglect there cities cultural heritage by marching players out there in outfits that dont look like Charlie Sheen attempted to paint a zebra.

14th – Baltimore Ravens (8.5%)

Baltimore Ravens v Miami DolphinsBanks: 14th sounds about right. They’ve had little to no changes to the uniform since the late 90’s because it’s just a very solid design. Their relatively short franchise history gives them little to work with when it comes to throwbacks. What carries their uniform sets is the all-blacks. Really defines the defensive brand of Baltimore football and looks nasty in all the right ways during home primetime games.

13th – Philadelphia Eagles (9%)

NFL: SEP 08 Redskins at Eagles

Rone:(EDITOR’S NOTE: I do not think Rone totally understood when I asked him for his thoughts on the Eagles place, but I love his enthusiasm)

I’m into helmets that represent some type of optical illusion. The Vikings for example; I can imagine the Viking horn jutting out of the helmet and it makes me feel like I’m in the Honey I Shrunk The Kids 3D ride at Disney World. Helmets like that turn me on, so naturally I enjoy the Rams helmets as well. Are those horns jutting out? No, it’s simply a design on a flush surface. The Bengals helmets are way too low on this list. The stripes are an underappreciated gem of our time. If 70s pimps designed a uniform it would be the a shag Bengals kit.

12th – Dallas Cowboys (9.2%)

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys

Tyler: Cowboys 12th is preposterous. The white with that shade of blue lettering is classy and looking back, I may have to move them up on my own list.

11th – Minnesota Vikings (9.6%)

Atlanta Falcons v Minnesota Vikings

Kenjac: Big, BIG fan of royal purple over here. Gold and purple is an extremely hard combo and their color rush uni’s are one of the few great ones in the league.

10th – Pittsburgh Steelers (9.8%)

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots

Willie: They should be at least 7th place. They’re better than the Chiefs, New England and Green Bay without a doubt.

9th – Kansas City Chiefs (10%)

NFL: SEP 08 Chiefs at Jaguars

Kenjac: I’m not a HUGE fan of what they do with their color scheme, but the fact remains that said scheme is amazing. Also, Andy Reid in red is a sight to behold.

8th – New England Patriots (10.2%)

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots

Coley:  Listen, I think the Patriots have middle of the road uniforms. They’re worse than any other iteration throughout their history of kits. But it’s the only one they’ve won SIX Super Bowls in. #8 is way too high.

7th – Green Bay Packers (12.3%)

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

Hubbs: The Packers are a top 5 uniform in sports. Maybe number 2 behind the Chargers. The green and gold are legendary and there’s no other take.

6th – San Francisco 49ers (14.6%)

NFL: SEP 08 49ers at Buccaneers

Tyler: The only bad 49ers jersey is black with red lettering. Every other one is elite.

5th – Chicago Bears (19.2%)

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

Eddie: I love that the stoolies have appreciation for classics because that’s exactly what the Bears jersey is – a classic. From the nod to the founder George Halas (GSH on the side) to the orange stripes/classic C on the helmet it’s that hard nosed nostalgia factor that does it for us.

4th – Los Angeles Rams (23.5%)

Los Angeles Rams v Carolina Panthers

Kenjac: LA put on a clinic in this ranking, and it’s easy to see why. These retro jerseys are the shit, and the old school horn coming back is huge.

3rd – New Orleans Saints (24.6%)

Houston Texans v New Orleans Saints

Tyler: I disagreed with the fan results but the white with the gold lettering jersey’s are growing on me. I see where they’re coming from. They’re wrong on Dallas and SF though.

2nd – Oakland Raiders (32.4%)

Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders

Coley:  I truly believe the Raiders have the single best uniform in all of sports. Incredible logo, perfect color scheme, iconically tied to the core of the NFL along the likes of the 49ers, Cowboys and Steelers. Having anything above the black and silver is incorrect and you should feel bad about being such dumbos.

1st – Los Angeles Chargers (41%)

Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Chargers

Kenjac: It was absolutely never in doubt. Are they the biggest playoff choke artists in league history? Maybe, but they look damn good losing in big moments, don’t they? I’ve often said that you always want to win best-in-show at the pinewood derby, never the big race.

Agree? Disagree? Sound off in the reddit.