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Christian Yelich Will Miss The Remainder Of The Season After Fracturing His Right Kneecap

Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins

Well this is just shitty and heartbreaking news. With the Milwaukee Brewers scratching and clawing their way through the month of September in hopes of reaching the postseason again, this is the worst possible thing that could’ve happened to this team.

In the first inning of Tuesday night’s contest against his former team, Christian Yelich fouled a ball off his right knee, collapsed to the ground and was removed from the game. It looked as bad as it ended up being. After the conclusion of the game, we learned that Yelich had fractured his right knee and that he will miss the rest of the season. Fucking sucks.

The Brewers have gotten within a game and a half of the Chicago Cubs for the second Wild Card spot with 18 games remaining on the schedule, but they will have to fight their way to a postseason berth without last year’s MVP and the man who more than likely will still finish as MVP runner-up this year.

I feel awful for Yelich. I mean, this guy cares about winning a LOT. He lives and breathes baseball. And to be that close to chasing down a Wild Card spot amidst yet another MVP-worthy season after getting within a game of the World Series last fall, only to have your season ended in this way — shit ain’t right. Speedy recovery to Yeli, and it’s time for the other talented guys in that Brewers lineup to step up in his absence.