Guys, I Regret To Inform You That Doctors Say We Need To STOP Putting Toothpaste On Our Dicks

(Source)–British men are being warned to stop smearing toothpaste on their penises as part of a bizarre trend to help them last longer in bed. 

The odd suggestion has no effect on sexual performance and could inflict burns and blisters on their genitals, experts have warned. 

The peppermint oils and other chemicals in toothpaste, including bleaching agents, can be extremely irritating to sensitive skin. 

And the bizarre technique puts women at high risk of contracting an infection in their vagina, experts said.

We’ve all been in that situation. You’ve been talking to a girl for a while, flirting, and you finally decide to ask her out on a date. She says yes. You get butterflies you’re very excited to court her. The night comes. You pick her up and head out on the town for a nice meal and fun activity. Maybe some mini golf! She’s laughing at your jokes all night. Touching your arm. Things are going so well that at the end of the night she invites you in for some tea.

fuck yeah tea

Things are heating up. It’s clear you’re about to have sex. You excuse yourself for a moment and head to the bathroom. You’re already rock hard and you know what is coming

You like this girl. You don’t want to be a quick draw McGraw the first time in bed so you start to panick. You scramble. You’re rifling through draws and medicine cabinets looking for something that can help you last for more than 3 minutes until….jack pot. There’s a nice tube of colgate extra strength whitening paste right there. You’re golden. You come out of the bathroom with a plaque free dick ready to go to pound town. Crisis averted.

Now doctors are saying to NOT do that. They’re saying that toothpaste is good for your teeth but not your dick. That it doesn’t even stop you from coming too soon. That all of those rashes aren’t from the girl you like, but from her toothpaste. Luckily for you guys there is a great product and a frequent sponsor of Redline Radio called “ROMAN SWIPES” (promo code: Redline) and you take one of those discreet packages out, rub it on your dick and nobody is the wiser and you’re in for a long night. Do NOT put toothpaste on your dick ever again. Unless you’re just going for the blowjob. If that’s the play, lather up with crest. I am sure girls would appreciate that.