White Chocolate Reliving Some Of His Best NBA Highlights Is Nostalgia City

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I don’t know about you, but I am very much here for this type of content. Anytime you can get some NBA legends to sit down and relive their glory days so we can pick their brains about all these awesome moments, I am watching it every single time. You may remember last week we had Damian Lillard sit down and go through all of his career highlights which was awesome

and now we’re back with Jason Williams aka White Chocolate and I couldn’t be more excited. If you’re around my age, White Chocolate was most likely a big part of your NBA fandom growing up. This small white point guard who came into the league and did shit that melted your brain with some of the best handles and creative passing that you’ve ever seen. It was like a combination of Pistol Pete creativity with street ball execution and he did it at a very high level. He was never an All Star, never made an All NBA team, but in the late 90s and early 2000s he was definitely one of the most exciting players to watch because you never knew when he was going to try crazy shit.

Now I’ll warn you, just like the Dame one this video is long as hell at around 35 minutes. That’s OK, it’s my job to give you shit to help distract you from working so fire it up during lunch or something because it’s definitely worth your time

The first thing you notice is that Jason Williams is very self aware. He knows what he was and what he wasn’t and he has to be one of the more humble NBA players you’ll ever come across. The man wouldn’t even rank himself among guys with the best handles in the league and he 100% had some of the best handles the league has ever seen.

The elbow pass. I’m not sure there is a more famous pass in basketball history. You’re lying to yourself if you didn’t practice this pass a million times growing up only to puss out and not actually unleash it in a game. That was some iconic shit and probably what you think of most when you think of White Chocolate. The fact that he was never scared to try shit like this was why he was so fun to watch.

It was also really interesting when they got to the famous Mike Bibby trade. For Williams to basically say it was the right move and that deep down he knew his Kings team wouldn’t win the title with their style of play was not something I expected. As we know, the NBA cheated for the Lakers in that 2002 series and Bibby was probably right. Had that not happened that Kings team probably wins a ring.

There’s a whole lot more for you to enjoy in this video so I can’t recommend it enough.