Dog Can't Get Long Stick Through The Doorway And All The Humans Do Is Laugh

Hey humans in this video, fuck off bro.  I wanted to leap through my computer screen and wring their necks.  Just laughing it up having a good ol’ time watching their dog struggle mightily to get the only thing in life he cares about through the door.  He loves that stick more than the cackling bitches in the video love anything.  It’s absolutely breaking his heart not being able to bring it along and all they can muster is  “Oh hahahaha.  He can’t do it! hahahaha”  Well lend him a hand then damn it!  Don’t stand on the sidelines, get your head in the fucking game ladies.  Even the the other dog was like, “Okay, fuck those humans, they’re clearly worthless. Tell me what I can do here.  How can help?” and boom they combined forces and the stick made it safely across the doorway.  If I had the choice to put my life in the hands of a human or a dog I’m picking a dog every time.  They actually care.