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The White Sox Are Mathematically Eliminated, But My 2nd Favorite Team Is Alive And Well

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The White Sox were officially eliminated from postseason contention this week, though they were unofficially eliminated when they started the 2019 season.  Sure they were 42-44 at the break but their extreme lack of depth reared it’s ugly head in the 2nd half, damn near rendering them unwatchable unless Giolito was pitching.  Oh, and their right fielders have put together the worst combined wRC+ in baseball history.  You read that correctly:

In the HISTORY of baseball.  We could throw any asshole at Barstool in RF and get similar production out of that spot.  It’s been that bad.

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 8.06.34 AM

And I said it before – 2019 was never about wins and losses, it was about development.  Moncada and Giolito have evolved into studs, Madrigal and Robert are on deck, Eloy flashed the ability to be a perennial 40 dinger guy and there are a few really nice bullpen pieces.  So it is what it is.

Now KFC wrote a blog this morning outlining how miserable he is as a sports fan.  And he is, and anyone with a brain should understand and empathize for him.  I feel his pain and often wonder, “what’s the point?” as well.  But just because the White Sox aren’t doing shit again, Northwestern is Northwestern and Trubisky looked terrible last week doesn’t mean my 2nd favorite baseball team isn’t.  That team is alive and well.  In fact it is straight up kicking.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “WSD I’ve never seen you openly root for any other team, what gives you lard ass?” Ummm hey assholes.  I root for 2 teams every goddamn night.  The White Sox and *checks schedule*…..

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…. the Padres, Pittsburgh, Cinci, and STL.  AKA any team that plays against the Cubs.  THAT is my 2nd favorite team.  The specific team just happens to change every few nights.

Now, let’s get the obvious out of the way.  I’m petty.  I’m a loser.  My team is a loser.  I am a miserable asshole that roots for an organization that has been a dumpster fire for 12+ years while the team I actively root against for no other reason than I’m a petty loser is in the best era of its history.  That doesn’t mean my hatred isn’t sincere though, because it is.  And it’s as strong as ever.  I don’t want the Cubs to shit down their leg for the 2nd year in a row, I need it like I need air to breath.  I cannot take other people in Chicago being happy with their fandoms while I sit here with my thumb up my ass.  I need them to be miserable.  I want my Cub fan friends to lose sleep after they throw up a dud.  I want losses on losses on losses.  Because I’m a petty loser.

It’s kinda hilarious too.  They have studs up and down the lineup and Yu is “fixed” but for an organization that is supposedly hellbent on winning as many titles as possible within this current window, they have grossly underperformed the last 300 or so games.  And every single game I see Lester labor through 110 pitches and 5IP or Russell go 0-4 with a couple of punch outs, I can’t help but grin to myself.

I just sleep like a goddamn baby.  The fan meltdowns, the media freakouts, I want it all.  They have 19 games left and assuming they go like 10-9 and finish 87-75, that’ll be 2 straight years of a do or die wild card game, this one most likely being against Max Scherzer.  And it FEEDS ME.

So sure.  The White Sox are done but that doesn’t mean Sox fans rooting interests are.  We have plenty to root for.  In many ways White Sox fans baseball season is just getting started.