The Biggest No Duh Comment In The History Of No Duh - Enes Kanter Says Free Agents Aren't Going To The Knicks Because Of James Dolan

[Source] - According to Enes Kanter, who discussed this topic with his peers, there’s a specific reason for the failures: James Dolan. 

“Not many people know that, but players talk. From different teams, they talk,” Kanter said on the Full 48 podcast with Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck. “I’m not blaming anybody. I had an amazing time with the Knicks. But other teammates I talked to or if they’re on different teams, they always said, ‘Amazing city, MSG is amazing. Everything is so good. But the ownership.’ They always keep saying, ‘But the ownership.’”

“I always tell them, the Knicks are amazing. It’s the Garden, it’s the Mecca. If you win in New York, you’re the king of the world. Some of the players are I guess scared to come here and don’t even want to deal with that.”

I mean this is the easiest no duh comment in the history of no duh comments. James Dolan is a fucking loser. Of course he’s the reason the Knicks can’t sign free agents. I could go on any podcast and say the same thing. That’s it, that’s the blog really. James Dolan fucking sucks.

Not the first time this happened. Charles Oakley blamed Dolan too

You can’t prove Oakley or Kanter wrong. Who was the last big free agent to sign with the Knicks? When’s the last time Dolan successfully woo’ed someone? The man is a LOSER and ruining my life and the Knicks. I mean he’s been doing that for years, but the older I get the more I’m worried about him actually giving me a heart attack by saying something dumb.

Until Dolan gets out of there, this blog will be rinse and repeat every year. Fuck James Dolan.