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The Texans-Saints Finish was Everything Great About Football

What the actual duck (autocorrected) did we just witness? A simple first half of a Monday Night Football double header, and we’ll all have to rewatch it like “Inception” to figure out what actually happened. The game was solidly in the bag for BOTH teams as some point in the last couple of minutes. When the Pro Football Reference chart of Win Probability comes out some time tomorrow, it’s going to look like the EKG of a guy who survived a near death experience.

We had 13 points in the last minute. Wil Lutz kicks a go ahead field goal. Deshaun Watson connects on two passes for over 70 yards. But the go ahead touchdown turns into NOT a go ahead touchdown on a missed extra point. But a Roughing the Kicker calls gives Houston another chance to win with 37 seconds left. Then the Texans inexplicably go into Prevent and Drew Brees completions of 15, 11 and 9 yards give the Saints one last, slender chance to win the game once again. And Lutz drills a career-best 58 yarder. Go figure.

I have no idea. I might have all of these facts out of order because it’s late and I’ve been drinking and the whole night is a blur. All I know for sure is the New Orleans Saints are some combination of blessed/cursed to never finish a game in a simple, non-controversial fashion. Well that, and NFL football is the fucking balls. No other sport can deliver this kind of drama in the first week of play. None.

Dammit, is it great to have the NFL back.