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Watching Old People Listening to Lil Uzi Is Now One Of My Favorite Pastimes

This is one of my favorite videos I've seen on the ole internet in awhile. Coming off an 0-5 day betting the NFL and having to come up with three grand for my new apartment, let's just say I didn't wake up ready to suck today's dick. I more realistically woke up ready to get metaphorically ass pounded by life. Instead this video came across my twitter timeline that in no way, shape or form paid off my egregious gambling debts, but it did bring a little bit of joy to my life that made me forget for approximately 60 seconds that I'm not a fat loser with a bad gambling problem.

For years as a youth old people told me I wouldn't want to listen to rap music as I got older. They said I would grow out of it and the day I turned 30 I would magically start listening to music from 1986 even though I was born in 1994 and never listened to any of this music in my life other than what my parents played after a few glasses of Jose Cuervo on the rocks. Well those people are idiots. Have you heard Luv is Rage 1 and 2, The Perfect Luv Tape or Lil Uzi Vert Vs. The World?! I guarantee I will still be listening to Sanguine Paradise when I'm 57 because it's a fucking slap. I'm still gonna be listening to the same music I grew up on and listen to now. This guy on the other hand got in on the game late but whoever out him on has fantastic taste. It always makes me feel good to see the old heads picking up some new school flavor. I've watched this video 100 times and I love his dedication to mastering the flow and every single lyric. Not the easiest from a Lil Uzi song so I commend his efforts immensely and for bringing some light to my day. God bless this old bastard having his ear to the streets.