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The Best Movies From Each State Bracket - WEEK 4

ThumbnailICYMI, I started a bracket out of the results of the 50-week Movie States blog series I did. For all the rules/setup etc. make sure to check that link. You can find the in-depth results from week 1 here and week 2 here. Last week had a few upsets and this week is maybe even worse.


Week4S1Week4S2Week2S3Week4S4- The biggest upset was #3 Arkansas getting SMOKED by #19 California 84%-16%.

– The biggest victory was #1 Massachusetts 84.7%-15.3% win over #48 Hawaii.

– The closest win was #8 Texas 3.7% win over #9 Pennsylvania. 

We on on to the motherfucking ELITE 8 with some powerhouse matchups. You can vote on them in the form below or by clicking the form here. Don’t forget to subscribe to Lights, Camera, Pod,follow us on Twitterfollow us on Instagram and join in on the conversation on our Reddit.