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Tom Brady Told Antonio Brown To Move In With Him To Make His Transition Easier

Tom Brady – philanthropist, lover of humans, all around good guy. This is why it’s easy to sell yourself on Antonio Brown. I’ve seen people call it a “low risk, high reward” move. What’s the risk? They cut him? Big whoop. It’s all reward, and if it doesn’t work then they cut ties and move on. But it will work because Tom and Bill know exactly what it takes to keep these guys focused on the goal at hand. It doesn’t always last forever, Moss didn’t exactly retire to a banner ceremony in Foxboro, but it doesn’t have to. Tom’s going to be sleeping in one big bed all season long with Gisele, Antonio, and Josh Gordon all nestled together like an adorable family of otters. No tomatoes, no blunts, no non-sense, no losses.