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I Cannot Stop Watching Kyler Murray Get Destroyed By His Own Lineman

Is this the best highlight of all time? Not by a long shot. Has it made me laugh every time I’ve watched it? Yes, yes it has. I don’t know if it’s because of Kyler’s diminutive stature. I don’t know if it’s because J.R. Sweezy thought he was Zion Williamson for a moment in time. I genuinely don’t know what about this particular sack has been killing me but I do know I’m going to watch it no less than 25 more times before I go to bed tonight.

Sidenote: J.R. Sweezy doesn’t get enough respect for having such a fire name. Sounds like it could have been the title of a mid-to-late-2000s era Lil Wayne leaked mixtape that had four new tracks and 17 you already had in your iTunes. The antithesis of J.R. Sweezy’s name is Dallas Cowboys tight end Blake Jarwin. Good player, maybe my least favorite name of all time. Something about the sound JARWIN makes whenever Joe Buck says it makes me irrationally angry.