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As the Self Proclaimed Captain Of Philadelphia I Don’t Think It’s Fair To Say We’re All Scumbags Because A Few Eagle Fans Tried To Beat Up Mike Scott Who Plays For the Sixers In the Parking Lot Because He Was Wearing A Redskin Jersey

So I know this video is making the rounds. Eagle fans getting in fight with Mike Scott who plays for the Sixers because he was wearing a Redskins jersey to the game. Now I know how the National media will spin this. “There goes those scumbag Philly fans again doing what scumbag Philly fans do. Trying to beat up their own guys because they wore an opposing team’s jersey, blah, blah, blah.

Well this shit drives me nuts. I mean there are scumbags in EVERY city. But for some reason whenever something like this happens in Philly people always act like it’s unique to Philadelphia. That it could only happen in Philly because Philly is filled with scumbags. Listen I can think of at least 10 other cities where fans have tried to beat up one of their own athletes for rooting for another team. I just can’t think of any of the top of my head right now. Or I can think of 10 cities where fans threw batteries and snowballs at Santa Claus. Or I can think of 10 cities where a fan intentionally threw up on an 11 year old girl. Or I can think of 10 cities where a fan ate dog poo to celebrate a championship. Or I can think of 10 cities where fans beat up Chief Zee the Redskins mascot at the Vet and broke his leg. Sure I can’t think of any of these cities off the top of my head and yeah these things seem to only happen in Philadelphia, but I swear we’re not scumbags.